soccer vs. UC Davis

Spartans sophomore forward Natasha Harris makes a pass in SJSU’s 1-0 win against UC Davis on Sunday afternoon at the Spartan Soccer Complex.

The Spartans earned their first win against UC Davis, Sunday afternoon in double overtime. Freshman defender, Hannah Mathews scored the first and only goal for her team in the 99th minute of the match. The final score was 1-0.

During the 90-minute regulation time at the Spartan Soccer Complex, there were multiple shots on goal. Mathews and fellow teammate Karlee Pottorff sensed a goal would finally happen for the Spartans. 

“We came into overtime and Karlee Pottorff and I looked at each other and I said I was going to get one in. She told me, ‘You’re going to get one. I know it,’” Mathews said.

Mathews said this win is a momentum boost, not only for the next game, but for the entire season. 

“I think this is just a huge turnaround and the start of the buildup for our team,” Mathews said.

The Aggies also had multiple opportunities to score throughout the game. 

SJSU Senior goalkeeper Paige Simoneau managed to shut out the Aggies offense and said the communication with her teammates was key.

“Just to stay connected with the backline, just communicate with the team throughout the whole 90 minutes and even into overtime,” Simoneau said. “Staying focused and making sure everybody is backed up.” 

Simoneau thought UC Davis’ defensive play gave the Spartans multiple opportunities to break through their defense. 

“To be honest, [UC Davis] just held back a little bit. They gave us a lot of space to play,” Simoneau said.

Simoneau shared the same sentiment as Mathews regarding the team’s win.

“It feels great. I think our team now knows how it feels to win and how great this feeling is. It’ll keep our focus to keep pushing for those goals,” Simoneau said.

Head coach Lauren Hanson hopes to see improvement in the teams’ final third come next game. 

The final third in soccer terms is the final 30 minutes of the game.

“Fine-tuning things like our final passes in the final third, hitting numbers in the final third,” Hanson said. 

Just like Simoneau and Mathews, Hanson believes this first win will be a positive influence for the upcoming matches throughout the season.

 “It’s always nice to get a result. This one finally earned to go through overtime and win is a great thing for a young team to learn and how to do, so that’s positive as well,” Hanson said.

This was the Spartans’ fourth overtime match this season. Hanson said she hopes to see less of that in future matches but thinks its a positive for the team.

“I hope [we see less overtime games], but at the end of the day, it means that we’re still in the game and we’re still competing for the win,” Hanson said.

The Spartans will hit the road for their next game at UC Riverside on Friday, Sept. 14 at 5 p.m.

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