Spartan Eats has not only taken over Spartan Shops, it has taken over San Jose State University students meal choices, budgets and health.

Most of the restaurants in the Student Union have changed, bringing new menus and prices. 

On Fourth Cafe and Just Below have also fallen under this change of diminishing student’s options. 

We’re a month into the semester and students are still struggling to adapt. 

Most students may not have the finances to pay for those food prices. 

As students, we shouldn’t have to be worrying about anything but academics.

It seems that ever since the university changed food companies students have been damaged and belittled.

Prices have gone up, food options have decreased, microwave lines have grown and students have become angry. 

It seems like the university’s administration didn’t consider students before making these changes. 

All the negative consequences students are currently experiencing make it feel like we’re being fooled. 

Student’s budgets are being shaken. Tú Taco is selling students a single taco for $3 and Aroy Fusion has a limited menu with only three different options of curry. 

At Paseo Fresh Bakery & Deli, only breakfast burritos are available to order for students who get to campus before 11 a.m. 

The vegetarian and meat burritos are the only two options available before noon.

The smallest meal at Panda Express is the Panda Bowl. It costs over $7. A two entree plate costs over $8 and the bigger three plate is over $10. 

In addition to that, the restaurant serves smaller amounts.At Build pizza, a three-topping personal pizza costs $8.

Students build their own pizza and wait for it to be ready. Because of the delays, students are either late to class or starving until they get a chance to eat. 

Some students are opting to bring their lunches from home since there isn’t too much time to wait in line between classes. 

It is already hard as it is, we are always rushing from class to class.

Spanish and Chicano studies junior, Jennifer Virgin said she would go to “On Fourth” very often since they always had her favorite baked potato. Now, she has decided to bring her lunch from home or eat off campus.

 “Everything that they have available is either something that doesn’t sound appetizing to me or something that’s completely too expensive,” Virgin said.

This is not only causing chaos in the restaurants’ waiting lines, it is also elongating the line for the microwave since more students are bringing their

own lunches. 

Now it looks like the Student Union needs more microwave stations and, therefore, need more maintenance. 

Last week Panda Express used styrofoam plates to replace the paper plates they used to serve food. 

Styrofoam is less eco-friendly than the other plates and it is made out of polystyrene, a petroleum-based plastic.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Toxicological Program, polystyrene can be a possible human carcinogen due to the chemicals this plastic releases to our food and drinks.

Though the Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t actually made this fact official, polystyrene is indeed environmentally unsafe due to the chemical emission this plastic releases to the environment during its production process.

Spartan Eats is not as good as they claimed they would be when they took over last semester. 

We want to eat food we like, not food they want us to eat. 

With Spartan Eats we’re not only risking our budgets and our time, we’re risking our health too.

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I think the new food sucks. No large cups and who wants healthy! We're college students so large sodas, tacos, burritos, pizza and things the students want so ask us what we want. Seriously.

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