Did you know America is planning to open a sexbot brothel?

According to Big Think, KinkySdolls, a sexbot brothel company, planned to release a second site in Houston. KinkySdolls would be the first sexbot brothel

in America.

There is currently criticism over this idea where critics believe it would increase sex trafficking and prostitution. I disagree with that statement.

The fact that these dolls are basically robots and not actual human beings, it should not count as human trafficking. 

I think this whole idea of having a sexbot brothel is a step in the future age of our society.

People should know that these dolls predominantly target men. 

In a YouTube video titled, “The Future of Sex? | Sex Robots and Us,” uploaded by BBC Three, Venus O’ Hara, a professional sextoy tester, tried to experiment with the sextoys to see if it can give pleasure to women.

“I didn’t feel that he was fully engaged,” Hara said.

Owner of KinkySdolls, Yuval Gavriel said in a Big Think article, you can also buy the dolls instead of having an 80-minute session. The dolls are priced around $2,000 to $5,000. 

Big Think mentioned that critics thought this would encourage men to objectify women and not socialize. 

The thing is, there are men who might not be good at socializing, which can be a problem for them looking for a female partner.

I think these dolls are a great alternative for men to get their sexual pleasure. You can only enjoy so much by masturbation through pornographic films and magazines that it becomes stagnant.

There are cheaper and alternative sex toys like the Fleshlight. 

A Fleshlight is a toy that simulates a woman’s vagina, but I think it doesn’t really compare to the full experience of a sexbot. 

It’s just lacking human intimacy. 

There are men who have penis size issues. I’m sure most women have a preference to their male partner’s penis size. 

But what happens if your partner has a penis that’s as big a paper clip

while erect?

I’m sure this is a problem for a lot women because how can you enjoy an intimate connection with your partner if he’s that small? They might want something bigger and thicker.

With that mentioned, I think it’ll just depress those men and make them feel more insecure when approaching a relationship with a woman. 

This is where sexbots could help make them feel better.

Men can take advantage of sexbots and enjoy the full sexual experience without getting turned down by women because of lack of social skills or small penis issues. 

I think it’ll definitely be beneficial in the long run for our society.

According to the New York Post, Masayuki Ozaki, a married man had more satisfaction and chemistry with a sex doll than his actual wife. He named the

doll, Mayu.

I think sex dolls have the ability to provide more satisfaction than a woman. Some people might find more affection in a sex doll than actual humans.

“But the moment I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight,” Ozaki said.

I think these dolls can decrease rape among women because instead of being desperate and aggressive for sex, men can simply buy a doll that can substitute as one and they won’t have to worry about any boundaries.

Yes, sexbots are fairly weird in today’s society, but at the same time, I think these objects will do some good for our society in the future.

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