Campus Movie Fest (CMF) is hosting its 17th annual nationwide movie-making competition with around

50 colleges participating.

Starting Sept. 12, San Jose State students will have one week, ending on Sept. 18, to create and submit a five-minute original film. CMF will be lending recording equipment today on Tommy Smith and John Carlos lawn from noon to 5 p.m. for students who wish to participate.

The top 16 films from SJSU will screen at 6 p.m. with a red carpet premiere inside of Morris Dailey Auditorium on Sept. 26.  

From there, four finalists will be awarded a one-year Adobe Cloud subscription, and given the opportunity to apply for

the Fest’s Cannes Program.

The organizers of CMF held an info session on Monday in the Student Union Meeting Room 2A to explain the rules and criterias for a winning film.

“Films will be judged by three criterias: content, film quality and technical excellence,” tour advisor and SJSU radio-television-film alumnus Raghav Ravi explained.

He mentioned that all filming must be shot during the one week period, music must be devoid of copyright and all

participants of the film must be SJSU students with the exception of the actors

and musicians.

Tour manager of CMF, Danielle Cook said that she’s seen much change in the way students are filming their videos for the contest.

“Now that smartphones are in pretty much everyone’s hands, we’ve seen more students creating films on iPhones and utilizing their user-friendly technology,” Cook said.

The equipment that will be provided include laptops, Panasonic LUMIX HD cameras and Sennheiser sound gear.

“If you borrow it, we expect that you actually use whatever you’re checking out since we don’t have enough equipment to lend to every student,” Ravi said.

There is also a possibility students may see their film on Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video. Tour promotions manager Meghan Moran told the students in the room about the Fest’s connection to Amazon.

“The Top 25 CMF films of all time stream on Prime Video, and with movies being added every semester,” Moran said. “The top four finalists from San Jose this year will also win a one-year subscription to Prime Student.”

Many students in the room had not participated in the competition in prior years, and some students were there to make another attempt at seeing their films play at the red carpet premiere.

Film senior Jonathan Mandujano was at the info session in order to prepare for his second attempt at getting his film into the top four.

“Last time I was a bit confused on the rules, but I understand the contest a lot more now because of the session,” Mandujano said.

He said he has created a comprehensive game plan for his film this semester, he sees the contest as more of an opportunity to practice his craft.

“I’m making the movie with my friend so it’s definitely going to be fun, but ideally I’m looking to gain more experience behind the camera,” Mandujano said.

Participants should return any rented equipment to the Student Union Meeting Room 2A on Sept. 18 between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. The movie submissions will be evaluated by an anonymous panel of judges, and students will not find out if they made it into the top 16 until the night that their film is screened.

“Make something that excites you, don’t worry about your technical skills, just do it,” CMF video manager Trent Bellet said.

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