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A student gets her hair styled by a professional hair artist during the Style for Success showcase on Tuesday.

San Jose State University students received professional advice on makeup, grooming and professional attire at an interactive showcase in the Student Union on Tuesday. 

Students who attended met a wide range of styling professionals who aided them in taking pictures with various business attire or get their makeup done by cosmetics company Sephora.

Dozens of attendees clamored into the meeting room as soon as the event opened up for students. Masters of Business Administration student Kayla Huynh was informed about the Styled For Success workshop from her professor.

“I came to this event because I wanted to learn more about professional styling,” Huynh said.

Huynh said she enjoyed her experience at the styling showcase and tried various booths; she thought they were beneficial when experiencing them.

“There were a lot of booths and each booth had different activities,” Huynh said. “I think it’s going to help me grow as a professional.”

Of all the booths she tried, Huynh thought the hair and makeup portion was her favorite.

“I’m really bad at that by myself,” Huynh chuckled.

Associate Director of Career Education Anita Manuel summarized the annual Styled For Success showcase as an event that aims to boost students’ confidence and prepare them for job interviews.

“You want to ensure you feel your best and that you’re confident for that interview,” Manuel said.

Manuel mentioned making a first 

impression is important for job interviews. Students must be able to dress in the appropriate attire and have the skills to convince the interviewer to hire them.

“One of the number one things you need is that first impression. How you present yourself in both style, dress and what you say will set you apart from other job candidates,” Manuel said.

According to The Balance Careers, a website that focuses on providing tips to be successful at your job, the most important aspect of job interviews is the beginning. This is the opportunity where students must convince his or her interviewer why they should be hired.

J.C.Penney reached out to San Jose State two years ago when they hired past SJSU students and thought of the idea to bring business attire and stylists on campus to help out students.

Manuel wanted to ensure students don’t have to pay as much for business attire because it can be expensive.

“We also hosted a career closet which means we have professional gear ready for students if they can’t afford it,” Manuel said. “Like a suit or a tie which can be really expensive.”

The Balance Careers recommends that men wear business attire such as a suit or a tie. However, the cost of these items can be detrimental to some students who are on a budget.

While the style showcase predominantly focused on students’ appearance, career counselor Mark Isham was there to help students in a different aspect.

“I provide career coaching, counseling and education primarily to undergraduate students in the college of business,” Isham said.

Isham appreciates the corporate partnerships with Sephora and J.C.Penney. The company sponsored the events and made donations to the closed closet, a place where students can try out professional gear for free, in the career center.

“They can come and fill out an application and actually take one outfit that’ll help them be ready for an interview,” Isham said.

Manuel stated this was the second event in the Styled For Success series at SJSU and they plan on doing it every semester after the success of the first one.

“The reason that we’re doing it every semester now because there’s a demand for it. We usually have several hundred students who participate,” Manuel said.

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