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A remake of the 1937 original, “A Star Is Born” stars Lady Gaga as Ally, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. She works opposite Bradley Cooper, who also directed the film, who plays country rock star Jackson Maine.

Lady Gaga bares her artistic soul on the silver screen and proves she is a triple threat as she makes her movie debut in “A Star Is Born” alongside

Bradley Cooper.

Gaga plays Ally, a rising pop star who tries to balance her new-found fame and tumultuously passionate love life with country rock ’n’ roll star Jackson Maine, played by Cooper.

Ally, a slightly shy and insecure singer-songwriter, is a waitress who also moonlights as a singer at a drag bar. 

She first meets Maine when she performs “La Vie En Rose.” 

They quickly fall in love with one another as they share their passion and talent for music and song writing.

The chemistry between both actors is undeniable in this modern rock ’n’ roll remake of the 1937 original film. 

 One can almost smell the Marlboro Reds and Jameson through the guitar riffs and hear the roar of the crowd as Cooper shows off his rugged singing skills.

Gaga complements his vocals with her smooth and elegant voice. She, a star in her own right, shows that she can not only sing and play piano, but can also act.

Ally and Maine fall in love in a fiery romance that burns through the screen. 

Every look Cooper and Gaga give each other shows how comfortable each actor is with one another. 

The film tackles the issue of success within a relationship, the music industry and substance abuse.

As Ally’s fame begins to rise, she eclipses Jackson’s fame when her record label tries to change her image to a generic bubblegum pop star. 

Jackson disagrees with these changes and begins to drink heavily, which then affects Ally’s career.

Jackson proposes to Ally in true rock star fashion with a makeshift ring made out of a guitar string and they marry that same day.

Jackson’s drinking begins to worsen however, which puts a strain on their relationship. There is a hint of jealousy from Jackson, but his love for Ally is so immense, he enters treatment for alcoholism to try to save the marriage.

In one scene, Ally lays down next to Jackson and places her head on his chest and confesses to him that she is willing to put her career on hold to stay and help Jackson. 

Throughout the film we are immersed and captivated by two musical souls who find and make each other better against all the odds that life brings. 

Gaga proves that a true film star has been born as she shows off her acting talents on the big screen. 

She won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her appearance on “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

We see a different side of the flamboyant singer as she leaves her wild costumes behind and transforms into this barefaced actor we see on screen.

This film is a passionate and rock-fused love story between two musicians that shows that despite having a deep love for one another, sometimes love may not be enough to save someone from their own demons. 

Cooper and Gaga work perfectly well together that one can’t help but cheer for Ally and Maine to find peace and love.

Despite a somber ending, this film will leave audiences with a restored feeling that true love is real.  

The film will have you believe that love can be found at any local dive bar.

5 out of 5 stars

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