Different foods are served at Little Lamb Hot Pot & BBQ including spicy broth, cuttlefish, lamb skewers and seafood dumplings.

Smoke rises as boiling broth rumbles and creates a chimney effect over every table. The aroma overwhelmed my nostrils immediately upon opening the door and it literally made my mouth water.

The family-style serving method combined with a vast menu makes Little Lamb Hot Pot & BBQ an endless sea of Mongolian cuisine. 

The restaurant’s atmosphere was calm and the walls have beautiful murals depicting Mongolian warriors riding their horses toward battle.

Little Lamb’s lamb was succulent, buttery and practically melted in my mouth. 

If you are going to name your restaurant after an ingredient like lamb, it must be cooked to perfection and I am glad to report that it was indeed.

However, the star of the meal for me was the broth. You choose between seven broths and I went with spicy. 

The heat of the broth was not overwhelming, but the spice did bring a nice kick to the seafood and lamb dumplings.

If the broth weren’t scalding hot and I didn’t have to share it, I would have drank it straight out of the pot.

Watching the dumplings cook in the broth was nice and the sheer anticipation only made me hungrier while I waited for the dumplings to rise to the top of the pot.

My waitress recommended the cuttlefish, a fish I had never tried. It brought a nice brightness to the dish. 

It was soft in texture and tasted like a long strip of calamari or octopus.

The staff was friendly and helped me work around the menu because it was so large. 

This was my first experience with a hot pot restaurant and the recommendations they made created a very pleasant meal.

Little Lamb’s variety and quality makes it a great destination for anyone. 

Its all you can eat option give customers the opportunity to get a bang for their buck.

The pricing of the food is a little expensive if you decide to order individual items, but the all-you-can eat option gives broke college students, like myself, a massive meal for $22.

The service was great and made for a pleasurable experience. 

I was able to get seated immediately and it only took about 10 minutes for everyone to get their food. 

The staff was friendly, effective and made sure nobody went home hungry.

Little Lamb Hot Pot & BBQ has over 500 locations, mostly based in China, but it is slowly developing more locations in the states. 

San Jose is home to the first Little Lamb restaurant in California and I recommend you visit. 

I think it is better than its competitor, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. 

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