Marketing junior Ricardo Astiazaran aka “thiccricc” performs his opening track at Sanjochella on Saturday.

Much like Guitar Hero 3, many musical artists get their start performing at backyard shows.

On Saturday, nearly 100 people gathered at a house near San Jose State to watch Sanjochella, a music and arts show featuring performers from around California.

Performers from SJSU stepped up to the stage as well.

“I was more than shocked [at] the size that it became,” said marketing junior Ricardo Astiazaran,  who goes by the stage name “thiccricc.” “I wasn’t expecting a lot for me, because I’m on at 7. I open, so it was pretty early in the night, but there was still a good amount of people.” 

Around 40 people trickled into the show for the opening act, but by 9 p.m., at least 100 people were packed in the yard, and the venue was at capacity.

At one point, the line outside the house stretched to the street.

“[It] was kind of unfortunate that people weren’t able to experience it,” Astiazaran said.

The event was organized by the artist collectives San Jose Come Up, 363 the Oasis, The Smile High Club  and the clothing brand Lost in the Dub.

The organizers tried to avoid having the show blow up into a Project X catastrophe.

“We never post an address publicly, just because it’s a house first, there’s roommates who live here, and we try to respect it as much as possible,” said Steve Baxter, one of the organizers for the event. “We know it’s going to spread, regardless of having it dm [direct message] only or not.”

For the “do it yourself” (DIY) atmosphere, organizers ran the backyard like a professional venue hiring a security guard and checking IDs.

“This is more of a precautionary measure just to make sure that no fights break out, everyone goes home safe and then nothing goes down,” Baxter said. “We got a little bit more response to this one than we were anticipating.”

Despite the precautionary measures and potential for the cops to shut the show down in a second, artists experienced a more intimate atmosphere with the crowd.

“I kind of prefer [it] because you’re able to create more genuine connections,” said Davied Morales, a San Jose artist who goes by the stage name Active Poet.

Morales performed rap and spoken word, with fellow performer and SJSU alumnus, McTate Stroman II, whose stage name is McTate.

“It was dope and also being able to do a back and forth, type of thing, that was dope as well.” said McTate.

The two spit verses like, “she was eclectic and natural, just like your afro,” or “you’re enough to make a black man blush.”

The performance was beyond just one genre.

“I like showing that there’s more to the bay than just hyphy music, I like being conscious, I like being poetic,” Morales said. “I don’t like to be bound to one genre.”

“Anytime where it’s like a college atmosphere, the energy is just indescribable,” said Morales. “I love that young energy of, like, seeing how a lot of people are into different things and coming together.”

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