If you are looking for a nice, yet bland riches to rags story, about a man finding out that money isn’t the most important thing, then “Overboard” might just be the movie for you.

While this romantic comedy is fun and touching at times, it feels entirely too predictable.

With movies like this, the performances by the main stars can make that same predictable plot enjoyable and worthwhile. The film stars Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris as its two main leads.

Derbez plays Leonardo Montenegro, a selfish and spoiled womanizer who is the son of the third richest man in the world. 

Faris plays Kate Sullivan, a single mom of three girls who has to take on a myriad of part-time jobs in order to support herself and her family.

One day, Kate is called upon to clean one of Leonardo’s yachts for one of her jobs. After refusing to fetch him some fruit, he pushes her overboard.

Later that day, in a drunken state, Leonardo falls overboard, hits his head and ends up washed up on the beach the next morning with amnesia.

Kate uses this opportunity to convince Leonardo that he is her husband in order to exploit him for labor and ease her workload.

He works to provide for the family and watches the kids to give Kate time to study for her nursing exam. 

He makes a complete 180 degree turn from his original life and becomes a loving family man who does whatever necessary to provide for his family.

Viewer interest grows when watching how long Kate can keep up the charade and the moment when Leonardo finally gets his memory back.

I had not heard of Derbez prior to this film but learned before watching that he is an immensely popular actor in Mexico. He was even recognized by “Variety” in 2014, as the most influential Hispanic male actor in the entertainment industry.

So I had pretty big expectations heading into it but was left feeling underwhelmed.

It’s not that his performance was bad per se, I just felt he was not the right actor to portray this role.

When hearing that a character is the son to a wealthy family, you would expect a young, suave and handsome pretty boy. But Derbez felt like an old man in contrast to Faris’ character who seemed fairly young.

The film also makes you think just how amnesia works. 

I personally have never experienced amnesia — the film made me wonder if they accurately portrayed someone with it.

Leonardo has never done any sort of work at all before losing his memory. But while living with Kate and her children, he happened to know how to cook multiple dishes.

He also knows how to speak multiple languages and knows how to drive, which made me think if this is something that someone with amnesia would be able to do. 

So while there are little questionable things like this throughout the film, it is an OK watch if you are into cheesy rom-coms.

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