emo night

Lead singer of The Seafloor Cinema, Justin Murry, rocks the crowd at Emo Night on Saturday.

Emo Night at The Ritz in San Jose was a nostalgic trip to the era of Myspace, burning mix CDs and dial-up


The crowd inside The Ritz on Saturday night reminded me of an eighth grade school dance. At the start of the night, people settled on the sides of the building, too shy to be the party-starters. 

Only some of the audience was in the middle of the dance floor, bobbing their heads to the beat of the music. As time progressed, the crowd started to build and more people joined in on the dance floor.

Attendee Seleste Lopes said, “I really enjoyed people watching. Everyone is dancing in their own world, not caring if they look silly and I think that was pretty cool. The event reminded me of a middle school dance.”

 Men and women were dressed in black from head-to-toe. They threw air-punches towards the ceiling. Head banging was seen throughout the venue as the DJ played the crowd’s favorite artists, including: The Used, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance and many more.

The event also featured special guest band, The Seafloor Cinema, that played an hour set with famous covers from bands such as Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Good Charlotte and more.

“We decided to make a list of the most nostalgic songs for us individually growing up in the 2000s,” The Seafloor Cinema guitarist, Anthony OnFire said. “Compared that to what we thought would be the most fun to play while maintaining what we thought people would want to hear.”

The crowd roared with so much excitement during the band’s set, I felt the ground shake. I was never able to go to an emo gig in 2008 because I was too young. However, Emo Night brought me in the nostalgic state of being a 15-year-old with bangs that covered half of my face who wore dark clothes. 

When the band played “The Anthem” by Good Charlotte the crowd snapped into a trance and in the back of the crowd, a mosh pit formed. The band sang and the audience sang back, especially during “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco.

Emo Night presented by Sacramento in San Jose, was a night devoted to listening to emo-influenced music from the last two decades with a bunch of “emo kids.”

It’s about the soundtracks in any emo kid’s life. The songs that you listened to on your portable CD player in your room when you were 12 years old and being able to listen to the same songs 10 years later makes the songs feel like part of your memories.

Marcus Leonardo started Emo Night in Sacramento three years ago at his favorite cocktail bar. 

He said, “What started as a few friends getting together on Sundays to listen to this music we love and reminisce on past bands we were in, shows we’ll never forget, albums that changed our lives, etc. [It] quickly turned into massive dance party with hundreds of people every month [since].”

Leonardo said the logo for Emo Nights, a sad face with a single teardrop, is contradicting considering smiles are seen throughout the venues.

Leonardo also mentioned, “San Jose has quickly become one of my favorite stops on the Emo Night Tour. Some crowds are a little apprehensive, just sitting back and tapping their hands on the bar to the song and mouthing the lyrics at first before really letting loose, not San Jose, they come in ready to

absolutely rage.” 

If you missed Emo Night at San Jose, you can still grab tickets to the Emo Night in Berkeley at Cornerstone Craft Beer and Live Music on Oct. 26, in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst Club on Oct. 27 or in San Francisco at Hotel Utah Saloon on Oct. 27.

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