When my alarm goes off for my 9 a.m. class, I spend a few moments questioning where the time has gone as though it feels like I just laid down to sleep. I know I’m not the only one.

College students across the nation often struggle with balancing a school, social and work life as well as finding it difficult to maintain the components needed for a healthy lifestyle such as proper nutrition, good physical health, and the recommended eight hours of sleep.

All these factors make me wonder just how different the average San Jose State student’s sleep pattern is from the next college student.

Throughout my entire college career, I have been in denial about all of the poor decisions I have been making regarding my lifestyle. I am aware I am on my phone and social media more than I should be. I understand the toll my sleep and eating habits have taken on my body.

Though it is just a start, I have been making small changes to help improve my health such as waking up an hour earlier, going on runs in the morning, eating healthier and going to sleep at a decent hour. For all the Apple users out there who may still be in disbelief about your phone usage, I have just the tool for you!

This resource will tell you the amount of time you have spent on a specific application within a certain time frame. To access this function, please follow these steps: Go to yourt battery settings and click the clock on the right hand side, about mid-way down on your screen. Don’t be confused, I still find it hard to maintain a healthy social, work, school and physical life, but it all starts with taking steps to manage your priorities.



Ike Ashbaugh

Marketing major

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