I was interested and surprised when I read the piece written by Jennifer Ballardo titled “Uber’s terms and conditions need a revision.”

The author details an unpleasant experience that she had with Uber where her driver hit a pedestrian in the street and continued to drive on without making a sincere effort to make sure the man was okay. I share the author’s concern with the qualifications and the low standards that Uber is holding their drivers to.

If I was to have the same experience while riding with Uber, I too would be reluctant to use the service again.

I believe that the answer to fixing problems like this might not be solved by revising the terms and conditions of Uber. Uber, like all companies, needs to protect itself from incidents out of their control, incidents that could potentially bankrupt their company. Suppose an Uber driver gets hit by another car and is not at fault, but the passenger get hurts in the process. In a situation like this I don’t think that Uber should be held liable for the injuries that the passenger sustained.

A situation like this can’t be avoided and could happen to anyone when driving or receiving a ride. Situations like these are why I think Uber’s current terms and conditions are necessary.

Some of the problems plaguing Uber can be solved by a more thorough hiring process. Becoming an Uber driver is easy and is part of what makes Uber appealing to people in search of a part-time job.

However, I think that Uber needs to do better background checks and require written and driving tests before hiring employees. I think doing this will minimize the unpleasant events such as the one the author had to experience.

I think that Uber helps a lot of people with affordable rides and its shortcomings can be overcome by these simple changes. Hopefully situations like the one the author described can be avoided in the future.



Cameron Keup

Business management major

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